DayDateTopic8th Ed
ThuJan 05 Recap of Integration. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Mid Point Rule. 4.2, 4.3
TueJan 10Solids of Revolution: Volume Via the Slice Method5.2
ThuJan 12Solids of Revolution: Volume Via the Slice, Washer, and Cylindrical Shells Methods5.2, 5.3
TueJan 17Inverse Functions6.1
ThuJan 19The Natural Logarithm Function6.2*
TueJan 24The Exponential Function. Inverse Trigonometric Functions: Arcsin.6.3*, 6.4*, 6.6
ThuJan 26Inverse Trigonometric Functions: Arccos, Arctan.6.6
TueJan 31Limits: L˘pital's Rule. 6.8
ThuFeb 02Techniques of Integration: Integration by Parts. 7.1
TueFeb 07Techniques of Integration: Trigonometric Integrals.7.2
ThuFeb 09Techniques of Integration: Trigonometric Substitution.7.3
TueFeb 14Techniques of Integration: Partial Fractions. 7.4
ThuFeb 16Techniques of Integration: Partial Fractions. 7.4
TueFeb 21Reading Week.
ThuFeb 23Reading Week.
TueFeb 28Partial Fractions. Improper Integrals. 7.4, 7.8
ThuMar 02Improper Integrals. Discontinuous Integrands. 7.8
TueMar 07Improper Integrals: Comparison.7.8
ThuMar 09Sequences. 11.1
TueMar 14Sequences: Monotonic and Bounded Sequences. Series. 11.1, 11.2
ThuMar 16Geometric and Telescopic Series. 11.2
TueMar 21Comparison. 11.4
ThuMar 23Ratio Test, Root Test, Integral Test. 11.3, 11.6
TueMar 28Alternating Series. Power Series. 11.5, 11.8
ThuMar 30Power Series. Taylor Series. 11.9, 11.10
TueApr 04Taylor Series.11.10
ThuApr 06Taylor Series: Limits and Numerical Calculation of Integrals.11.10