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Math 221-001

How to succeed in this course

There is little doubt that math is useful: it is used throughout the sciences and engineering, from quantum mechanics and weather prediction to space flight to nanotechnology and financial modelling. But that is just part of the story. When you study mathematics, you learn about the language of science. You gain access to the ideas of several of the greatest scientific minds humanity has produced, like Newton, Leibnitz, Euler, Gauss. Whether you believe it or not, as the distinguished mathematician I. Gelfand said, "the most important thing a student can get from the study of Mathematics is the attainment of a higher intellectual level".

The goal of Math 221 is to give the student knowledge of several basic topics (logic, integers, sets, functions), in a set of increased formality with respect to early university math classes. One of the big strengths of math as a science is the possibility of proving results with absolute certainty (within a certain axiomatic framework). This class was designed to give the student a first taste of how things are proven in math.

With Mathematics, like with any advanced skill, the learning process is never quick nor painless. Here are a few things to be considered that might help you succeed in this class:

Practical matters