Practical issues

Assignments will be published on the web site each Thursday. They are not due and they will not be graded. Answers will be published a week later to help you do the problems on your own.

Each quiz will be based on the assignments whose solutions were posted since the previous quiz.

Cheating will not be tolerated in this class. By "cheating" I mean submitting work that is not your own. This includes copying from another student or from another source, or having another person write your tests. When a student is found cheating the case will be sent to the Associate Dean Academic for the Faculty of Science. The Associate Dean will then contact the student and deal with the situation. Typical consequences for cheating can be found here and here.

The last day to withdraw from this class without record is September 19; without a failing grade (that is, with a W grade) is November 15.


The prerequisites are not just a formality: we expect you to have a working knowledge of previous concepts. Try questions 1-31 of the following test. You should be able to do most of those questions without issue. .

How to succeed in this course

Linear Algebra lies at the heart of pure and applied mathematics: it grew out of the study of systems of linear equations, and that already makes it important for physics, engineering, economics, biology, computer science. But it reaches far higher, as it also became the language of quantum mechanics and other branches of science.

With Mathematics, like with any advanced skill, the learning process is never quick nor painless. Here are a few things to consider that might help you succeed in this class: