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Operator Algebras in Regina:

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Recent preprints by members of the group (i.e. papers not yet published)

  1. arXiv:1411.0512. The classification problem for finitely generated operator systems and spaces. M. Argerami, S. Coskey, M. Kalantar, M. Kennedy, M. Lupini, M. Sabok.
  2. arXiv:1308.3630. C*-Envelopes of Jordan Operator Systems. M. Argerami, D. Farenick.
  3. arXiv:1307.2595. Crossed products of C*-algebras with the weak expectation property. A. Bhattacharya, D. Farenick.
  4. arXiv:1307.1055. Characterisations of the weak expectation property. D. Farenick, A. Kavruk, V. Paulsen, I. Todorov.
  5. arXiv:1304.1232. Majorisation and the Carpenter's Theorem. M. Argerami.
  6. arxiv:1207.1300. The Noncommutative Choquet Boundary of Singly Generated Operator Systems. M. Argerami, D. Farenick.

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